Ordering Information

PEACEPens is a student driven business. Money raised from the sale of pens goes directly into the PEACE Program.

We take orders on a customer-to-customer basis via email OR phone

Email:  peacepens@sudburycatholicschools.ca

Phone: (705) 673-3031

If you’re interested in ordering one or more pens, please send us the following information:

  • how many pens you would like
  • what TYPE and STYLE(s) you would like
  • what wood species OR acrylic colour you would like them made from (see list below)
  • approximate date you would need them completed and in your hands


  • Exotic woods: some exotic woods are available at a premium price. Call or email for details.
  • Acrylic instead of wood: we stock some acrylic. Call or email for available colours and patterns.
  • All pens use replaceable ink cartridges.  Contact us about including replacements with orders, or order replacements for your previously purchased pens.  Our prices are very competitive compared to retail office supply stores.
  • Some pens are custom made, such as the “composite” pens (made from multiple pieces of wood glued together). Available upon request.
  • All pens are delivered in a felt pen case.
  • Custom engraving on the felt pen cases may be available for some orders.
  • Shipping costs are extra.
  • At this time, we can only deliver to locations within Canada.


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